In My Pocket Of All Places

What is going on in the world where this kind of thing is made, and sold to children. How dare anyone do this. It is a disgrace. Also how is it that this photograph is clickable in six different places. I simply want no part in a world where this is allowed to happen. Even if it does take ages to load so that people just think it’s a big white space.
[kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/black-baker.swf” height=”740″ width=”438″ /]
Please complain about this fucking thing to someone, thanks.

6 thoughts on “In My Pocket Of All Places”

  1. I am disappointed that the new Irish-Black messiah, Barry O’Bama, wasn’t on that there thingummy talking about how he will redistribute buns to the newly-impoverished bankers of the world.

  2. Don’t let the croissants on the packaging fool you there will be no croissant-talk. You may hear something about bread or semen-free buns.

  3. My canadian friend wished to state the following:
    “i dont like the language. There is better stuff to read ”
    She’s wrong. WRONG!


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