Lists: The Finest Kind Of Excellence

Everyone loves a list. If a list could hit someone in the balls, they’d be the funniest thing in the world. If only someone would compile a “most traumatic nutsack impact videos” list, perhaps I could truly laugh again.

To that end, allow me to point you towards Listopia – a site that looks set to monopolise list related humour well into the next decade. I wrote it, which along with playing games for a bloody living and questioning my own audacity in writing opinion columns in The Guardian, explains a bit why I haven’t been updating the blog.
Listopia is slowly being populated with the pun-based lists of “Maxim’s Third Best Comedy Website of 2002”, Idiotica. But don’t go there – go to Listopia. It’s in a kind of beta, which means it’s buggy, probably prone to SQL injections, and the lists aren’t funny. But go there anyway! And if you think of any good ideas for lists, I promise not to nick them and make a comedy book that will sell in overwhelmingly moderate numbers.
Nutsack Impact is either a great Van Damme movie, or Yitzhak Smear’s less cervical brother. But… which?

3 thoughts on “Lists: The Finest Kind Of Excellence”

  1. This site is blocked at my new job at a hospital for some reason, but i can kind of wangle it if i’m not attempting to navigate from
    I expect to be fired within the week for pissing myself with laughter whilst parents of extremely ill children wander around. Good stuff.

  2. When i said “This site” i meant, not Listopia.
    But now the fuckers from IT have blocked Listopia so it’s officially fun/interesting/offensive and thus not suitable for work. The bastards. Can you move everything to so i can access it. And do a Xmas funnee. yes, i’m talking to yule, Log!


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