Screen Bum

If anyone here reads the Guardian, then hello! You’re probably aware of Charlie Brooker. And his column, Screen Burn. And how good it nearly always is.
So you’ll probably be fucking appalled to see this image, across which I have brushed the word “Wahey”.


It’s only for a week, but still, I’m pretty chuffed. I’ve spent so long writing about games now that it seems a little uncomfortable having opinions about anything else, at least without referring to games in some way.
“That homeopathy! It’s like… does anyone remember Robotron?”
“The US government should be nerfed in the next patch”
Marcus Brigstocke’s Pac-Man joke
So, if anyone who comes here could just nip to the comments section at The Guardian website and tell me how (or if) they’re reacting to it, I’m afraid I’ve bricked my knicks in a disappointingly comprehensive fashion.
Right, I’m off to St James’ Park to make a pyramid out of fat gay men.

12 thoughts on “Screen Bum”

  1. Well, I can’t find the effin’ comments section and I read Screen Burn every week because I BLOODY LOVE IT!
    I have read your effort and declare it to be…
    (Which is several points up from “Nice!”)

  2. I couldn’t find how to comment and I wanted to because I thought it was very good, Brooker would have just put I saw a volcano once… it was rubbish. Well it wasn’t really a volcano


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