St David The Saint

Here’s how to enjoy St David’s Day – first go out with a Welshman, then go to the pub.
There’s a 12-page booklet in there. It’s a pdf, if you fucking please. Also some photos, which you won’t be interested in unless you’re a mate. Which, I admit, is probably all of you.

5 thoughts on “St David The Saint”

  1. Oooh I heard about that on the radio. See loads of publicity. Fun was it? More fun than Rob Brydon’s tedious self analysis.

  2. Hello. I have enjoyed this blog for some time. Now me and my friend have one which is similar but not as good. for all your impenetrably obscure celebrity news needs. Please to be kind to it – if it were a person, it would still have a soft bit on its forehead.

  3. Hey. I’m not your mate.
    Neither is my cousin Roz.
    (That was meant to be a nice comment, as in “ooh but wait look it’s NOT only your mates who read your blog” except it sounds a bit mean eh. In all honesty we actually like you. Or, the internet you what comes through your blog. Especially the farting and laughing story. Thanks again for that.)


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