The Secret Of Monkey Irene

Rosy Rockets is a bucket of inspiration.
Raz is a pixel genius.
I had an argument with an old woman who claimed my dad was fucking my sister in law.
I never thought these things would come together, but they have.
First, read the post about Irene, because it sets up the whole story. It’s also one of those good posts that makes me wonder where my writing mojo may have fucked off to. Make sure you listen to the sound file, for optimum “getting it”.
Then, click play on what Raz and Rosy did, below. It’s fucking brilliant. Absolutely requires sound.

The Secret Of Monkey Irene

10 thoughts on “The Secret Of Monkey Irene

  1. adam

    your writing mojo hasn’t fucked off anywhere – you’re one of the funniest ever always – that last one, the menu – genius – I check every day to see if you’ve written something new.

  2. Ben

    This is absolute frigging genius but for some reason I cannot use my space bar in text boxes when replying to stuff in my RSS reader which is quite clearly fucked.

  3. Log Post author

    Don’t worry, Ben! I’ll fix it. Now your comment is legible, doesn’t go under the sidebar, and makes no sense whatsoever.
    And thanks, Adam, I love you twice for saying a nice thing. Jennifer’s video is dedicated to YOU.

  4. robertdee

    God bless you Mr Blythe. God bless Rosy, and little Raz and god bless Irene and Coloured Melvin, too. Actually not Irene, she sounds like a patarken cunt.
    Can I see a picture of coloured melvin? Can we get him on facebook? Maybe a facebook group, “friends of coloured melvin” or something?

  5. Log Post author

    I’ve never met Coloured Melvin, sadly. I do have a photo of Black Tony somewhere though; my father serenades Black Tony with a chorus of “Old Man River” whenever he comes in the pub. I’m not sure if I’m horrified by this or not.

  6. badlad

    Coloured Melvyn is a top nickname. It makes me wonder if he was attacked by kids with crayola crayons as a kid- “Oh no, they’ve coloured Melvyn”.
    So is there a structure to this, or is it random? Why is Melvyn only coloured whereas Tony is full-on black? Does everyone get a shade? Or is it related to how “In da hood” they dress? David Beckham was declared black on this basis a few years ago, so perhaps your dad’s pub is trailblazing the redefinition of ethnicity. Can I be “slightly off-pink, except for two weeks after he’s been on holiday when he’s a bit browner” Simon please?

  7. Rocko

    That is just amazing. God I miss the Nottm acent; especially when used in that “‘e sed, i sed, e sed” way.
    I love the way she wraps it up with that non sequitor “Have a nice new year, anyway”. Mental as anything.


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