That's Some Hiatus You Got There

Hello. Nothing’s happened to me in the last two months. Sorry about that.
I’m writing in the daytime, writing in the evenings, and when it comes to keeping the blog, I just weep dry syllables. I’ve been that pumped for prose that I no longer even think in words, and I have to hold up speech bubbles with a drawing of what I want to say. This isn’t much fun when you’re drawing tampons and the woman behind the counter at Boots keeps giving you sticks of dynamite. Thanks, I’m sure my younger cousins will love their chastity being blown across Nottingham, along with their guts and livers, you stupid cow. Operate in the context of your surroundings, for fucks’s sake.
I just wrote this, if it’s any consolation.
It’s over at the PC Zone Blog, where I am legally forced to post now. Watch, as I try to write about computer games in a way that pays as little attention to computer games as possible.
Anyway, I’m just here to say I’m shit, I know it, and if you’re so cool why don’t you come around and suck my nuts. Or just put your email in there, and I’ll let you know when I’m back. I’m a real person, and not some kind of weird spamwheel.


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