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One of the best pages to write in PC Zone – the magazine I write for, and in case you didn’t know, the magazine that pipes a square one into the face of PC Gamer, which licks its lips and looks thankful – is the Meet The Team page. I get to write 35 words about everyone I work with, and because no-one really minds what I say about them, I get to write stuff like this.

Jamie dressed up like a heron and staged a rooftop protest in which he flung eggs down the chimney. When bystanders asked what point he could possible by making, his only reply was to drop his trousers and look sad.

Suzy cannot maintain eye contact with foreigners, because she thinks they want to eat her. And she’s absolutely right – she’s full of delicious jelly beans that abroad-sorts love!

Will is so secure in his heterosexuality that he can maintain an unembarrassed embrace with a bricklayer for over three days, until the bricklayer has died of thirst.

This month, no-one really batted an eyelid when I implied that Will abuses animals. But heaven knows, I don’t want to fall into a rut, so I was trying to approach Steve’s Irishness without resorting to the office clichés, which are;

  1. Sorry Steve, I can’t hear you. You appear to be made entirely out of potatoes.
  2. Steve, could you put The Yellow Book of Lecan into the toilet please?
  3. Hey Steve, in terms of endlessly repeated racial slurs, have we worn Leprechauns out yet?

My thoughts turned, as they so often do, to Daniel O’Donnell, and I decided to go to his website, to see if there were any clues as to a sophisticated Irish joke that had never been made before. And stop right there, thank you very much… this is what greets visitors to Daniel’s site. Is it a joke? Well is it? A joke?

Daniel O'Donnell

Welcome to the Original Daniel O’Donnell Website

I’m delighted to welcome you to the original Daniel O’Donnell website. I felt that when Buckingham Palace got their own internet presence that I needed to have one as well. I hope that you will take some time to look through what we have included and that you will find it informative.

Daniel! You’ve sold over thirty-nine cubic terametres of music in your lifetime. You hold tea parties in which everyone in the fucking WORLD is connected directly to a gigantic tea-filled dirigible with your face on it. This tea party was talked about the world over! OUR QUEEN IS BUT A HAIR ON YOUR GORGEOUS SCALP.

This is an actual conversation between Daniel and his mother. I know it happened because I can’t see any way that it hasn’t.
Daniel sits with his mother in the lounge. She has put the kettle on. The kettle is five hundred feet high and boils all the water in Ireland. Daniel reclines.
They’ve got a swan on the Royal Family’s website, mother. A feckin’ swan. She’s actually got men in boats, rowing around and counting her swans. The power that woman has, it’s unimaginable.
Well, I’m sure I don’t know why she’d do that, Daniel. Swans indeed.
Daniel’s Mother gathers six dozen hoses from a cupboard under the stairs.
She gives people medals, you know.
You gave that wee girl a badge with your face on it. It was as big as she was, that badge. She rolled off down the hill. You’re a generous man, Daniel. What kind of woman gives away medals for poetry? A woman with something to prove, is who.
Daniel’s Mother connects the hoses up to delivery spouts on the bottom of the kettle, and hurls the other ends out of the window.
Mother, is it scientifically possible to turn the sun into a medal? If I turned the sun into a big golden medal, with my face on it, then I’d be a kind of God. Then I could get that bitch’s dragonball once and for all.
Daniel’s Mother turns a series of enormous valves, and a light rain of tea drops from their hovering castle forms a rainbow with Daniel O’Donnell’s face.
I don’t see why we couldn’t do that, Daniel.
Excellent! I’ll get my ceremonial robes. Tell the engine room to put all the livestock into the furnace – we’re taking this castle to Buckingham Palace!
Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion, which will feature the entire cast of every television show ever made in a series of cameos lasting two years.
In case you missed it, here’s the link again to Romancing The Tea’s page on Daniel O’Donnell. It really is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

8 thoughts on “Daniel O'Donnell's World”

  1. Why does he call it the ORIGINAL Daniel O Donnell Website?
    Two explanations spring to mind:
    (1) It was his first website, and has now been superceded by his more recent adventures into the mysterious universe of web-presence. I don’t like this explanation. Examine the website. It looks clean and well-maintained. It advertises new album and DVD releases, and has upcoming tour dates mentioned. If this website is obsolete, it seems unlikely that he would update it so dilligently. The pictures would be faded and slightly musty-smelling, like his fanbase, rather than shiny and new. No, I do not feel this is the correct explanation
    (2) He wishes to distinguish this site from the plethora of hackneyed and cliched Daniel O’Donnell sites that clutter up the internet like dull-eyed fish corpses floating on the surface of a slurry-polluted stream. This explanation has much to recommend it, and not just because it enabled me to use that fish analogy which has been drifting disconsolately through my mind for months now looking for an excuse to be employed. Obviously, on the surface, there is little that appears original about the site. None of the features appear particularly novel; a mail-order record shop, a charity appeal on behalf of some vampire children, a bio. But what arcane mysteries, what horrors beyond the ken of man lurk in the Premium Content Available Only To Registered Members? What gibbous monstrosities that caper and jig to the piping of a daemonic flute? What living darkness? What terror?
    Look into the cold dead eyes that peer out from his photo. Think on all the world’s mysteries that thay have seen, and wonder, after all that he has done and witnessed in his time on this Earth, what in all God’s creation could a man like Daniel O’Donnell find original?

  2. Awh Log, I wanna dance with you.
    …twirl you all aroun’ the floor.
    That’s what they intended dayncin’ for,
    I just wanna dance with you.
    Gosh. After that outburst, I probably need a sit-down with a cup of tea.
    Will I have to move to Ireland?

  3. isn’t that interesting
    i really don’t understand that site but i’ve bought everything advertised on it in the hope that it’ll become clear (unlike my tea) when my tea brewers arrive.
    in other news – nowhere in leicester seems to sell pc zone. can you fix this for me please? thanks *huggles and buggles*

  4. I’m very disappointed that the Tea Forum isn’t open for business. Also – why is “Ken The TeaMan” invisible?

  5. Why is Ken the Teaman invisible?
    1. Because he’s always about to “leaf” (doesn’t logically work)
    2. He’s not, you just haven’t see him in’t “oolong” (reprehensible)
    3. He’s not, he’s just tea-coloured and lives in a cup of tea, so it’s very difficult to see him (most likely)


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