Stop Flicking V-Signs, I'm Trying To Buy A House


A Man Saying Wanna Fuck V

The artists here had several intentions; trumpeting the need to reproduce, the exposure of sexual politeness as modern social lie, the phonetic truth behind middle-class notions of spelling. But most importantly of all, they drew a suspiciously large bubble for the phrase WANNA FUK U. I’ve tried working out why that may be;
a) They meant to write it bigger
Perhaps they did, and after they’d written “WANNA” they realised that to fill the bubble would require a massive “FUK U”. Now I’m no hot sugar love machine, but I know that if a man went up to a woman, leaned into her ear, whispered “Wanna”, then took three steps back and screamed “FUK U”, the girl wouldn’t just hinge open her gumbles. She’d probably reply “I have registered your interest and will get back to you”. Then she wouldn’t get back to you at all.
b) They had more to say, but were disturbed
What can go after the phrase “wanna fuk u”? It could be any number of things – “wanna fuk u pretty sharpish”, “wanna fuck you after this yoghurt”, “wanna fuk up your chances of becoming a professional dancer, man I’m going to slice up your fukin legs”. We’ll never know, I guess. Another one of life’s dead-ends, that makes me want drive to Hollywood and punch the fuckers who made me expect closure.
c) They’re passionate but clumsy
This is how I like to think it happened. After writing “WANNA FUK U” in their best handwriting, making sure all the letters were the right shape (except the U), they took three steps back, put their thumb on their lip, conferred with a panel of seven experts, then went back to the poster to draw the speech bubble. And through some drawn-out slip of the wrist, they drew the oversized circle. Utterly out of control, and going “whoo-aaa-whooaaaaaaa” for the twenty seconds it took to draw it.

Foxtons: London's Estate Agent

It’s reassuring to know that the decades-old stereotype has been blown apart. Foxtons no longer care about money – in fact, they no longer care about anything. They’re so alienated by the world, and disillusioned with the twee failure of 60s free love, that they’ve turned into self-destructive outcasts. Don’t expect Foxtons to sell you a house. If you so much as mention contractual terms to them, they’ll look at you, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they swore. “Piss off,” they’d say. And they wouldn’t even explain why. If you asked why, they’d just say “piss off” again – which isn’t answering your question at all.
So what do you think of this exciting branding exercise? I channeled some of your thoughts by closing my eyes and thinking of something to type.
“The house was audibly creaking, so I asked about getting a structural survey done. They told me to piss off. When I got home my back was covered in gob.” – Penny Fontaine
“That legal shit might wash in courts of so-called law, but when I’m entering a short-term tenancy agreement, I just want to know if they’re going to get all gay about me pissing in the kitchen.” – Jonny Bandana
“I said that they were being professionally negligent in failing to register the land in accordance with the 1925 acts, and they danced aggressively for six hours.” – Jumpin’ George
But what does Dennis Foxton himself think? I chopped myself into cubes, and posted myself to him, with instructions on how to reassemble me. He says he didn’t get my cock, but I carried on with the interview anyway.
Me: Mr Foxton, hello.
Me: What is with the cars Mr Foxton.
Him: Haha!
[Mr Foxton drops trousers to reveal two penisses – one is mine]
Him: Hahahahaha!
[Mr Foxton turns around. His back is bristling with the cocks of those that came before me. He leaps through a window.]
Two unresolved mysteries and I’ve just made up a story where I lost my penis. Perhaps I was wrong about everything being brilliant.

9 thoughts on “Stop Flicking V-Signs, I'm Trying To Buy A House”

  1. Dear Log,
    I saw some quite amusing graffitti a while back (which luckily I took a photograph of), but I’m unable to see what the artist is trying to convey. I was wondering if you could cast your analytical eye over it for me.
    please note the hard to see ‘glasses’ Patrick Stewart is now wearing.

  2. Presumably, they mean “dick” to be used as a verb; as in “I’m going to dick your mum”. “Dick Cunt” is therefore an order to to slide your lovepole into any available fanjo, or possibly a statement of aggresive disdain towards the entire concept of “cunt” .
    The notion that they mean Picard is both a dick AND a cunt is far too obvious to even be considered.

  3. Are you 100% sure that it is in fact a “U”? I see it as more of a tick, which could mean that the original message was “WANNA FUK [?]” If so, they may have been expecting a more verbose reply than a simple Yes/No, which would account for the oversized speech bubble.

  4. I quite like how ‘cunt’ seems to be in italics in the Patrick Stewart example. It lends some good urgency that is missing from the more staid ‘dick’.
    Also it looks a little bit like he’s just caught sight of it an a mirror.
    As a final closing paragraph I’d like to say, ‘fuckin’ sweet’, about the return of postings in this Internet Area.

  5. I found it impossible to choose between the staid dick and the urgent cunt. Staid dick! No, urgent cunt! No! Hhhffff. Decisions, decisions…

  6. I knew if I had faith and refreshed the page every ten minutes something new would appear!
    I reckon Picard wrote them on his own head and is looking to see which suits him best before removing one.


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