FOR GIRLS : That Vital Question ANSWERED

In order to make up for recent “laddish” talk about pissing in the sink, shitting on my balls, and pressing my palms firmly against birds’ tits, this is a GIRLS ONLY post. Only GIRLS may click on the image below, which will answer the question all girls need answered! Girls!

Have I Winked At A Mechanic?

20 thoughts on “FOR GIRLS : That Vital Question ANSWERED

  1. Gustave Hetter

    I am Gustave’s whoring mother, and I would like to express my delight at the cock at the bottom of the page. It’s enormous! And cut, which I like. Since I am logged in on my son Gustave’s account, I feel I should tell you that I still gave him the tit until the age of 9, and that I regularly find skidmarks on his bedsheets. Also that he’s never even kissed a girl, much less seen one’s breasts.
    With regards and love,
    Mrs Gustave Hetter’s Whoring Mother

  2. smahman

    I too enjoy the cock. Just that one, not in a general sense. I am not a SLUT or a BUMMER for crying out loud.

  3. Liz

    I didn’t notice the cock until I realised there was one there from comments and went back to have a look. I wonder how many other cocks I miss in a day?

  4. Log Post author

    I greyed out the cock a bit for the sake of decency. Still gives me a lob-on, though. I am going to marry that penis one day, and we will live in a house and he will sit on the mantelpiece and I will bend over slightly to kiss him and he will gush a pint off into my nose and mouth.

  5. HeWhoIsTooBored

    I think I may be a bit bizarre, but does anyone else think that it looks a bit like a cock emerging from a vagina, as though it were some sort of huge, cock-shaped baby?

  6. smahman

    It puzzled me for a while, but Jimminy Cricket! If he hasn’t concealed his true size with his hand. Clever devil.

  7. the 16th nicholas

    I thought the penis was coming out of a mouth. A particulary full lipped mouth, the kind of lips that always have dribble on them, but a mouth nonetheless.
    I don’t know whether to be disappointed or not.

  8. HeWhoIsTooBored

    Oh my God! Thank you for clearing that one up for me. I thought it was some sort of art work commenting on gender, sex and childbirth. Now I see it’s just a massive cock proudly displayed by its owner.

  9. HeWhoIsTooBored

    My semi has just gone down, as I’ve realised he might not be very big, but rather just have quite small hands.

  10. smahman

    Or he could be forcing the blood in to make it look bigger. Like they do in personal ads in the specialist magazines I haven’t read.

  11. Gustave Hetter

    I only came on here because my mother told me she’d posted. She’s a frightful old witch, addicted to cheap gin, rough cigarettes and meaningless sexual encounters. The fact that there was apparently a picture of a real, magnificent erection, poking upwards through grasping fingers, a delight to all the senses as it conjures up images of it bucking and thrusting, bucking and thrusting, before unleashing torrent after torrent of sticky, gummy love is ABHORRENT to someone as straight as I am. I won’t even eat hot-dogs.

  12. smahman

    What a bitch. She told me our tryst behind the bins was the start of something special. Now I discover she was probably just using my man meat to get her jollies. I am GLAD to have come too quick. Do you eat kebabs? Mmmmm vaginal.

  13. smahman

    What about fucking a male dog?
    Up it’s arse.
    Is that gay? IS that gay? Is THAT Gay? Is that GAY?
    Is it?
    you bummer.

  14. Speedwolf

    You’d think that big men fucking other men in the holes, holes that hurt for return traffic, would be about as macho as it could get.
    But it’s not is it.
    For some reason it all goes hand in hand with frilly boxer shorts and perfumed handkerchiefs. What’s the all about eh?


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