Why Christmas Must Remain Commercialised

Because when communities start celebrating Christmas without the quality control that corporate sponsorship brings, this is the kind of shit you get outside Sainsbury’s.
Listen in anguish.
If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy the recorder flourish at the end of the verse. Before they start the verse again, and do it three times worse.
Crossover Website Factotum : this branch of Sainsbury’s in the very same branch where Cha-Man, the inspiration for the Law of the Playground, works.

10 thoughts on “Why Christmas Must Remain Commercialised”

  1. I love this!
    I played this in the office, and some alarmed people from the room next door came rushing in to see what was going on.
    Can we book them to play our New Year extravaganza?

  2. This blog entry encompasses everything that is right about Blogging. Is there some kind of Blog Entry of the Year competition we can enter it in?

  3. Sainsbury’s may well have tied up a national deal with an entertainment troupe network. Tonight’s visit was halted by a group of individuals singing in not-so-close harmony about the importance of Jesus in everyday life. Annoyingly, they were blocking the doorway, and were somewhat taken aback by my very unchristian scowl as I barged through the soprano section.

  4. There was a group of singing school children in East Finchley tube station the other week. They had bobble hats and scarves and were actually quite good at the singing. They’d been fenced off in a corner by the Oyster Card machine.
    On Christmas Eve, when I was a child, a group of us used to go around the local hospital, singing carols to the patients. They didn’t like it much. The old people used to shout out horribly. I think they thought we were tiny angels of death.

  5. yah they had the bastards in white city tube station last night. It was quite funny though as, along with de rigour belting out of the classics, they had been primed to end the song with a jazz hand motion accompanied by a lunge at the passing crowd. Unfortunately this happened just as a train had kicked out so several commuters suddenly found smasll hands outstretched into their orifices. A merry christmas was had by all.


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