The Best Poetry In The World

I have never written poetry. Which is strange, because I sincerely believe that I’m the only intelligent and sensetive person in the world. I’ve just never thought to make my vital musings on the human condition rhyme. And because it’s absolutely paramount that I express myself in as many ways as possible (because my feelings are so intense and important), I’ve decided to share with you, blessed reader, my innermost essence.
This first poem is about meeting someone on the street and saying “Hello”.
You looked at me said that it was half past eight
I said that that was not very late
You squinted at your watch
Like I am squinting at the sun
You said your watch had stopped
I said I think the sun has stopped too
And in anticipation I puckered my lips
And closed my eyes for the kiss of life
But no kiss came
I puckered more
I opened one eye
And puckered further
You had gone
And I looked like Benny Hill fondling a big tit
That poem, I think, sums up perfectly the chance encounters that rule our lives, and the slavery of the human will to the deterministic clash of mindless atoms. This next poem is about the great duty that comes with the power to truly hate. My hate is so pure you can actually squeeze it like a key fob.
When we kissed, were you thinking of me?
Or was it Tony?
I only ask because you said “Tony”.
And you asked me to pull my Tony face.
Sometimes it is difficult feeling things in such an acute fashion. You will understand this a little, but not properly. This next poem is about the removal of the barriers between the emotions. I have now done this, and now I feel every emotion, at full strength, constantly. Yesterday I snarled joyfully in placid horror. Times ten.
mandy porter, i love you
mandy porter, i do
even when you’re far away
i think of you
This is just the chorus – now it goes into a freestyle MC session, of the kind you might recall in such hits as Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract or The Fat Boys and Chubby Checker’s The Twist.
oh mandy porter, i never shoulda fought ya
there’s a knot in my hanky
to remind me of something
one time two time thanks for that
i’m hungry
have we got anything in?
(i’ve got something in you
but i’m still hungry for food)
the two things are distinct
do you see mandy? mandy?
dead girl in my arms, tra-la-la-la-la
there’s a dead girl in my arms, traaa la la-la-la-la
dead girl in my arms, tra-la-la-la-la
at last i can do her up the bum
bum! bum!
That might seem off-colour to you, with your black and white worldview. I live on a different moral plane. I am so far advanced that it pains me to even call myself human. I should be the kind of creature that says things like “puny mortal”. Brian Blessed or something. This next and final poem is about my feet, which I think are just the right size.
Left foot right foot
My feet are so clean
Me and my feet are
Gonna see the queen
It is my sincerest hope that you have been improved by my poetry, and if you wish to share your own inferior verse, do so in the comments.

14 thoughts on “The Best Poetry In The World

  1. jonesy

    bagagiste mandy, je t’aime
    bagagiste mandy, je
    même lorsque vous êtes parti lointain
    je pense à vous
    luggage handler mandy, I love you
    luggage handler mandy, I
    even when you left remote
    I think of you

  2. Nobuttocks

    An Ode to Log
    Log is a big and funky guy
    with an evil glint in his eye
    and probably another on his thigh
    Tra-la-la or something.

  3. davidh

    Brace yourselves!
    :brace position taken:
    Red is the colour of our love
    Blue is the colour of my pain
    White is the colour of our innocence
    Brown is the colour of your brain

  4. lee

    hi log!
    I wrote this on the tube this morning…I hope to write more but I got to my stop just as I finished the chorus. Alas! Anyway I have called this ‘Promise Me’
    You light up another cigarette
    and I pour the wine
    It’s four o’clock in the morning
    and it’s starting to get light
    now I’m right where I want to be
    losing track of time
    but I wish that it was still last night
    You look like you’re in another world
    but I can read your mind
    how can you be so far away
    lying by my side
    when I go away I’ll miss you
    and I will be thinking of you
    every night and day just …
    Promise me you’ll wait for me
    ‘cos I’ll be saving all my love for you
    and I will be home soon
    Promise me you’ll wait for me
    I need to know you feel the same way too
    and I’ll be home, I’ll be home soon
    I hope you like it!

  5. robertdee

    I drown myself
    In the majesty of your tears
    Every time you walk
    I hear your legs ker-chinging against the fabric of your Etam skirt
    Like soft sighs saying “love me”
    And I do.
    Your presence is my GOD
    I dream of you when I’m awake
    And an infinity of you as I slumber
    Like a man possessed
    I slather at your image
    Scattering my useless seed
    Like a Harlequin into the clouds.

  6. the 16th nicholas

    Gently wave five piggies,
    farewell to my love
    You bore the burden of my soul
    on your sole.
    This betoothed snarler
    has torn us asunder.
    You were my foot
    and the chainsaw is a cunt.

  7. rebecca

    What do you see
    When you look in a mirror?
    Do you see yourself?
    Or someone else?
    Do you see beauty?
    Or do you see fear?
    Eyes that sear?
    That sear open your heart,
    Because you wish they weren’t yours.
    Eyes with tears,
    Because they don’t want to see
    For fear that they aren’t beautiful.
    All alone in a room
    With just a mirror and me,
    I stare at that bright, shining piece of glass.
    And I see a girl
    A bit too thin
    With no facial expression,
    A girl
    Who looks like
    She has peace of mind
    Although that is not true.
    The mirror lies.
    And I back away,
    I don’t want to get nearer
    To that terrible,
    Called a mirror.

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