Firestarter and Waterboy : Sneak Preview

Firestarter & Waterboy
Coming soon! Real life Firestarter and Waterboy action reality adventures inside an actual real life creepy cave in real life!
(The reason I didn’t get this finished last night is because I got embarrassed doing the voices in my room, while my flatmates were watching a film next door. So I just went in and watched the film. The film was “But I’m A Cheerleader”, which is pretty gay. But not quite as gay as sitting in your room doing voices for cut-out bits of paper.)

15 thoughts on “Firestarter and Waterboy : Sneak Preview”

  1. you could wander through the lounge with phone in hand pretending that you are heavily in discussion with someone who is quite obviously ‘zany’ or perhaps ‘wacky’, that way when muffled yelps and wails are heard from your room, your flatmates will just think that you are being sympathetically wacky. Or you could drug their food giving yourself 3-5 hours of peaceful recording time.

  2. You’re back! Hurrah! This brings glee to my black and stony heart. I wait with the eager anticipation of a foolish donkey to see what more you will write.
    I buyed your book and I have read it many times. It now sits in my bathroom, for all visitors to the poo-pot to enjoy.
    Thank you for the joy.

  3. JESUS. I just wrote Joe vs The Volcano because you NAGGED me like a FUCKING WOMAN.
    Drink soon. Let’s conduct all future drinking arrangements through the comments in my blog.

  4. Yes let’s drink. Apart from anything else, I have your shoes. They are enormous and therefore no good to me. I will bring them along and perhaps we can drink from them. More or less than a yard, do you think?
    I will only hand them over in exchange for a CD of software about which what we spoke when you was at mine.
    DANGER: If we organise drinks on here the whole Internet might come.

  5. Speaking as someone from the internet, I have already been drinking with Log. IN fact the forst time I ever met him I inveted myself to his house, drank his wine, played on his contuter and slept on his floor. Twice.


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