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After a completely fabricated report from The People that Ian Huntley was on Facebook, the human race reacted with the revulsion you’d expect. Luckily, Facebook provides all of its users with immensely powerful tools for changing the world to exactly how it should be, without any noticeable delay.
Here’s ten posts from the GET HUNTLEY OFF FACEBOOK discussion group, which is one of the most successful groups around, because Huntley isn’t on Facebook. Can you tell which six posts are rabidly sincere, and the four which were posted by post-modern, meta-lolling internet wags?

1. personally i think people like this sick shit should have there hands and cocks cut off for everyone to see what they are plus they could never do it again! his prison life is fantatstic

2. Ian shouldnt be allowed to Sing!! all there should be in his cell is a bed, an alarm for if he starts Singing, and a machine to cut off his cock. He shoudlkt be allowed to sing

3. What needs to be done is;
* Prisons need to be Prisons not Hotels!
* Inmates All need Castrating!
* Sentences need to be Long and Brutal!
It worked before the 60’s after All the Fucking Hippies made the Country Sex Mad and now look at the State of the Nation well it’s getting as bad if not worse than the Lower of the Species in Africa!

4. If you cut his hands off, he’d just spear young girls to death with his stumps. Because I am anti-death penalty, I think the only solution is to remove both of this demon seed’s arms and legs, and replace them with bags full of smoke. I’d like to see this bastard kill people with bags of smoke for arms.

5. It seems that our twisted little fuck Huntley has signed to play for Margate FC (Ryman Premier Division) this season without the club or the community knowing about the danger he poses to the children, the town and oposing players. I think we should boycott Margate FC! until they sack the sick outside half. I for one will not be buying the club’s away jersey as planned. make yourself known to the sicko’s who signed this bastard and tell them what you think!

6. We here on the south coast of England wish the maggot filled fly infested vomit soaked urine drinking puss bucket of scum Ian Huntley all the very worst. We truly hope that Ian Huntley sufferers eternal headaches , toothaches , backaches , neck aches ,angina , gangrene ,and a very very very slow death in agony from every known cancer of every organ in his pathetic, weedy, wimpy, vile demonic corpse. Here are the sounds of athiest communist miners in hell. THESE ARE REAL.

7. I would like to see Ian’s hands cut off. At least Sutcliffe killed guilty whores.

8. Because of the human right acts saying all human beings should be treated they way they are being treated…. thus letting nonces prowl over the internet on the innocence, criminals living the life of luxery in prison and terrorist and extrimist to destroy our home kill our loved ones and reign terror on the good people of this country.

9. Prison seems to be like a luxury hotel! They should be locked up in tiny cells, with several people!

10. ian huntley should die is when he alive and being covered in petrol and burned alive and so should maxine carr

Answers to this year’s Real Or Hardly will be posted in the comments. In the meantime, here’s two screengrabs which I like, one of which is also a clue! The first topic is called
ian huntley and others alike him should have there hands and cocks cut off!
Oh Huntley You Wag
That was a lot of fun. But not as much fun as this topic, which is called, simply
I Hate Huntlel
SERIOUSLY HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET IAN HUNTLEL OFF FACEBOOK IF NOBODY TAKES THE FACT HE IS ON FACEBOOK SERIOUSLY? I don’t CARE that he isn’t on Facebook. I WANT HIM OFF FACEBOOK. I don’t care about the fact that I’m generally against everything Muslims do – I WANT HIS CHILD-TOUCHING HANDS CHOPPED OFF. I want all the children he is talking to be warned in assembly that when he gets out of prison his is going to TOUCH THEIR PENSIONERS’ BOSOMS