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I LOVE My Labradoodle by Jennifer

Hi everyone! If there’s anything that I hate about dogs (and there isn’t, because I love everything about dogs) – it’s the fact that they can’t talk. I hate that about dogs so much. I know George isn’t keeping secrets from me – I mean, what secrets could he have? I keep him drugged in the airing cupboard, so it’s not like he has any experiences he’s not sharing with me.
It’s just that.. I can’t be sure he loves me as much as I love him, and that makes me hate him. It’s like someone’s cannibalised my soul and turned me into a paradox machine. If you’re not reading this just after I wrote it, then they just did that to the Tardis on Doctor Who. When I saw it, I just rolled my eyes and said “I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL”. That’s in capitals because I realised after I’d said it that I was screaming.
So this is my cartoon strip! I showed it to George and he tried to put all four of his paws in my face.
Jennifer’s Action Comic Adventure

Jennifer: Shreds Of Dignity

Hi, Jennifans! Here’s something I did that… well, it makes me want to puke to be honest, but I think it captures Jennifer’s playful, sexy and psychotic nature pretty OK-ish. It’s also convinced me to put that third cake back in the bin. That third delicious cake, whose only sin was to be born so irresistable. He never asked to be so delicious! That poor cake is just like me, I should definitely eat it. But this is the last cake today!
Also, what the fuck is wrong with my elbow? Why has no-one told me my elbow looks like that?
[Oh, and… in case you’re wondering what the fuck this is, or who Jennifer is, it’s a terrible thing to have to explain – but basically she’s my ex-girlfriend, and here’s a 2D-adventure she had in 2001]