Jesus Christ That's Aspirational

Every image from the random image script on the front of the Adecco website.
I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna fucking get out there and do me some a1 photocopying. And by a1 I mean “top grade” rather than the paper size, because ours can only do a3 although it is a fax, too, which I thought was pretty cool. I mean, whatever next?!?! They’ll be making toast and driving you to the shops.
ADDITION : I don’t have Photoshop at work, so I’m going to have to wait until I get home to put that array of cunts onto traditional office scenes, maybe with speech bubbles. In the meantime, if any of you shitters want to do so, email them to jon dot blyth at gmail dot com and I’ll put them up in the main post with a credit. (500 pixels wide max plize, otherwise I’ll have to resize them at home)
Better Than Yours
Totally Done By ZPoonZ
Saddam Dance Wherever You May Be
From a Hicksion
Better Than Yours Again
And Suddenly I Loive ZponZ
Skreeeeeee + Whee
Dong by Simes
Back Once Again Like The Thing That Never Says Die
Now Zpz & me R lk WED
Worst Interview Ever
Done by Jonesy
Wof Wof Wof
Done by Will Hayward
Tennisy Williams
Done by Hicksion

14 thoughts on “Jesus Christ That's Aspirational”

  1. But where is the picture of the ashen faced underpaid worker, health decimated by shift work, scrutinising their payslip in befuddlement, wondering how so much effort can result in so little money?

  2. These pictures truly speak to me – and fill me with inspriation. “Resign your job at the office and become a model,” they scream. “You get paid to jump around like a cunt in front of the camera”.

  3. I really like the narrative sequence of this artist’s work. (Strokes irritating goatee beard contemplatively). He has invited others to contribute to his exhibition, in a sterling attempt to democratise art, and make it this a truly public event. The choice of the medium of the internet is an avant garde statement to this effect. (Either that, or he can’t be bothered to do it himself). His juxtaposition of an idyllic, charming image of a chef playing tennis with an image of office workers being pushed joyfully on wheelie-chairs into a pile of corpses is an ironic commentary on the commodification of both art and humanity in the workplace, and a witty pun on “Arbeit Macht Frei”. His explicit referencing of Hogarth both claims his place in a long history of British satire and is a brilliant commentary on the use of alcohol as an escape mechanism for those trapped in the industrial-capitalist nexus, with all the moral condemnation this draws from the more socially emancipated.
    Can anyone come up with anything more pretentious and annoying than that? Perhaps I ought to get a job at the Guardian.

  4. Nothing anyone could ever write as satire could ever touch on the pomposity of real art critics. They are beyond parody, and I mean that in a very real sense. Zpoonz’ stuff is great innit.

  5. I can’t do anything after Zpoonz’s entries. They’re perfect. If I even tried to do anything now, it’d be shit in comparison and it’s my blog and I have to be the best. God I hate Zpoonz

  6. Exactly. Zpoonz has produced works of genius, and submitted them to you without and protection from you claiming credit. Zpoonz, you are brilliant, but are now effectively Log’s Comedy Slave.


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